In Poland we are involved in large scale transport operations and every week we deliver to almost all big cities all over the country.

Our diversified fleet allows us to fulfil almost all your transport needs and to offer prices for full car loads with required capacity and part truck loads.

Dyna-Trans offers a wide variety of transit and logistics services.

Modern, state of the art cars, meeting the highest  requirements of the European Union are used to execute all work orders and contracts. Our employees have tremendous expertise and are transit subject matter experts. That is why Dyna-Trans is able to provide the fastest and most efficient transit and logistics services.

All transporting of work of arts is done by specially adapted cars with a rigid, container and isotherm type body, soft suspension, padded cargo space and a special system of handles and stripes for fixing cargo. Our cars are also equipped with air-conditioned cargo space providing a constant temperature of 200 C and humidity from 44 to 55%.