Transport of Works of Art

Some history

Our adventure with the transport of works of art started a dozen or so years ago. Initially we used to transport mainly famous Kraków szopka or structures depicting nativity scenes . The fact that visitors from all over Europe from Oslo to Paris and Seville could see them with their own eyes can be partially credited to our contribution as well. Since then, year by year we safely transport these precious and fragile structures in difficult winter conditions to all destinations.A photo of Kraków szopka


Our business grew and we gained more and more experience during realizing more and more difficult challenges. We were commissioned to transport more and more precious works of art which required special transport conditions. For example in 2004 we have transported from Zakopane to Bordeaux a unique collection of 18th and 19th century paintings on glass.
Among our most demanding tasks were transports of works of art created by such prominent artists as Veit Stoss, Jan Matejko, Jerzy Duda Gracz, Alexander and Maximillian Gierymski, Józef Chełmoński, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Józef Pankiewicz, Jerzy Panek, Rafał Malczewski and many others.
The removal of Sukiennice in Kraków is unquestionably our biggest professional challenge. Due to repair of Gothic building of Sukiennice we were commissioned to remove to the Niepołomice castle the gallery of Polish 19th century paintings and sculptures that is one of the most valuable collections of the National Museum.
Our task was to remove 1500 valuable objects by such artists as Jan Matejko, Henryk Siemiradzki or Władysław Podkowiński just to name a few of them. See photo gallery of this enormous task.

Specialist fleet of cars

All transporting of work of arts is done by specially adapted cars with a rigid, container and isotherm type body, soft suspension, padded cargo space and a special system of handles and stripes for fixing cargo. Our cars are also equipped with air-conditioned cargo space providing a constant temperature of 200 C and humidity from 44 to 55%. Photo of Atego


All transports of works of art are insured – we have fixed insurance coverage of up to USD 500 000.00 in international and PLN 1 000 000.00 for home transport. Apart from that we always have an option to open a policy with full coverage of all risks. Due to many years of damage claim free co-operation with our insurance companies, we can also offer favourable prices for land transport insurance.
All our vehicles are equipped in location and monitoring systems that ensures constant control over cargo.
In the case of an exceptionally precious cargo load we can also provide a professional armed convoy.

Not only transport

e offer our clients not only transport of works of art but also the logistical handling of exhibitions. We offer a service of packing exhibits in specialist packing material such as silicone paper, acid-free paper, fliseline, bubble foil, polystyrene and others. We can also hire you ready made wooden transport boxes or build custom made ones in all sizes. In case of transport contracts outside of the EU territory we also take care of fulfilling all custom formalities.

Qualified staff

Our staff members have many years experience in handling works of art.
Packing and unpacking of exhibits always takes places under direct supervision of an historian of art that co-operates with us. Our drivers are verified and trustworthy persons with clean police records and excellent references. Our Polish, English and Russian speaking forwarders will be happy to answer all your question.