Transport company

 We are a transport company with twenty years experience in domestic and international forwarding. We perform forwarding services all over Europe and in the countries of former Soviet Union.

In Poland we are involved in large scale transport operations and every week we deliver to almost all big cities all over the country.

Our diversified fleet allows us to fulfil almost all your transport needs and to offer prices for full car loads with required capacity and part truck loads.

Our cars are equipped in hydraulic lifts and palletizers to make loading and unloading easier and on request we can provide two drivers for express delivery freights.

All vehicles are equipped in satellite navigation systems that provide constant monitoring of cargo movement. We have Forwarders Civil Liability Insurance coverage up to PLN 1 000 000.00 for domestic freights and up to USD 500 000.00 for international freights.

We can deliver all cargo safely and on time.

Ask us for a quotation to see how you can reduce your transport and logistics costs!

Please contact us on one of our telephone lines or by e-mail.